There are only a few ways to obtain an immigrant or permanent resident visa which will allow you to remain or reside permanently in the United States.

While immigration reform has been a hot topic in the nation’s capital for some time, it appears that the immigration bill may be reaching the finish line for immigration reform.

When someone first decides to file suit (or sue) againstanother party and enter into litigation, it’s often an emotional decision based on frustration, loss of income, hurt, anger, pride, or the like, and it usually arises from a conflict in personalities, a breach of a contract or the breach of an agreement. However, choosing the…

Most people will never need to hire an attorney in their lifetime. However, if the time comes and you do need to hire an attorney, it would be in your best interest to make sure that you hire a competent attorney to assist you in your matter, no matter how simple or complex it may…

Estate planning usually involves an individual and a competent estate planning attorney who drafts a Will or Revocable Trust Agreement, or both, according to a person’s desires and that Will is then signed before two witnesses and the Testator designates an Executrix or Executor who will carry out the wishes of the Testator upon his/her passing.

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