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Attorneys, Sheldon Goldstein and Michelle Scopellite, formed their law firm, Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, in Dallas, Texas in the year 2002 after graduating from Texas A&M School of Law (formerly Texas Wesleyan), located in Fort Worth, Texas.  Since then, they successfully achieved countless wins for their clients, by using their mediation or litigation talents, in all areas of law including Divorce, Family Law, Child Custody, Paternity, Immigration, Litigation, Contract Defense, Criminal Law and Probate Litigation and under many different scenarios. Their mutual goal in setting up this practice was to help their clients achieve their goals and understand the legal process, which can be very time consuming and expensive depending on the type of issues that are being litigated or disputed.  They knew, from their own previous experiences, with Sheldon being a professional artist and Michelle being an Engineer, what it was like to lose a case and to not have an attorney respond or act in your best interest or follow your requests.  Therefore, when they formed Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, they made sure that customer service would be paramount and that the customers needs in respect to the case, would come first.  In successfully achieving this goal, they achieved an excellent reputation and they built a strong and successful practice focusing on the family and business and including litigation, family law, divorce, immigration and estate planning, wills and trusts.  During their practice, they made sure that they looked into all possible avenues of defense and settlement, in order to achieve a successful outcome in each matter.  They took the time to listen to their clients, they responded and if needed, they developed a legal plan that met the particular needs of the client, again successfully working with each client to get them the best possible outcome in their case. For more information please see: Firm Overview

In June of 2018, the firm closed its’ doors in Dallas, TX; Plano, TX and in Tucson, AZ, due to the retirement of the Partners. If you need to speak to a representative of Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, please call 214-351-9100.  Thank you,

Rated Avvo TOP LAWYER and Lawyer of Distinction 2018

With her excellent track-record of wins, especially in her Immigration practice, Michelle Scopellite brought a unique perspective to all matters that she defended by stepping back and looking at the situation from the client’s perspective. She has a (5 *****) five star rating with Avvo and was rated top Immigration lawyer by D Magazine in Dallas Texas.  Prior to her retirement, she also received the Distinguished Lawyers Award in 2018, which recognized her successful track record of wins in her family law, immigration and litigation practice. Michelle was successful in that she set up a strategy and determined what would need to be achieved. She researched the law and did not misrepresent a client’s possible outcome when meeting with the client to advise them of the downsides to their case. This way the client was able to make a formed decision as to whether or not, continue on with their case.  She then, worked with the client and she took the necessary steps to make sure to bring that strategy to fruition. As for her current practice, she now performs legal research and prepares legal memos and briefs for other attorneys. She is also applying to become an Immigration Judge.

In June of 2018, the firm closed its’ doors due to the retirement of the Partners. If you need to speak to a representative of Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, please call 214-351-9100.  Thank you,

For more information please see: Firm Overview