Dallas Trial Litigation and Litigation Attorneys

At SGMS Law, PLLC, we offer experienced Dallas Trial Litigation and Litigation services to clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. Our Trial Litigation and Litigation attorneys are committed to helping clients resolve their legal matter effectively.

Dallas Trial Litigation and Litigation

If you have a legal concern that may involve a court action, contact one of our experienced trial lawyers today to discuss your legal needs. Together, we will devise a plan of action and meet your challenges head-on.

As an experienced Trial Litigation and Litigation firm, we understand how to best address your legal issues within the Trial Litigation and Litigation process. Although we diligently prepare each client’s case for the possibility of trial, we make every attempt to resolve legal matters through the settlement process to save clients the time, stress and cost associated with protracted litigation.

Litigation Business Matters

Our attorneys have an excellent track record of success in and out of the courtroom. We offer effective litigation support to individuals and small business owners. Some of the business and commercial litigation handled by our firm includes:

Litigation Matters

For our non-business clients, SGMS Law, PLLC, provides individuals and families with compassionate litigation support for more sensitive cases including divorce and custody disputes, and Dram Shop Personal Injury disputes.

SGMS Law, PLLC, is adept in serving and answering discovery requests, one of the most critical parts of the litigation process. Without proper discovery, a case can be lost. We take the time to carefully draft discovery and respond to discovery, interview the client and witnesses, depose witnesses and update the discovery as the case progresses.

SGMS Law, PLLC, attorneys investigate and research all pertinent issues. We prepare and file proper pleadings required for relief or defense. We negotiate and litigate for the most expeditious, cost-effective and optimal result for you.

We believe that the client’s needs and desires are paramount to our success. We treat every client with respect. We promptly respond to client’s inquiries; we pay attention to the issues and the timing of the case; and we provide our clients with consistent updates on the status of their case.

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