Verified Client Testimonials

To: Michelle Scopellite

I’m always thankful for the work that you and your firm did to help make our dreams come true. The last 2 years have been truly magical based on my case outcome.

Devon Ta.

Dear Michelle Scopellite and Sheldon Goldstein:

I am so very very pleased with all that you both accomplished and the great care that you’ve taken of all 3 K—- men. You will never know how much we appreciate your fantastic effort, expertise, and high success rate in accomplishments to date in this very complicated and emotional case. Here’s to all our continued success. Thank you so much.

Can’t wait to see the boys at Thanksgiving for the first time in 5 months.

And what a treat not having to avoid servers or subpoenas…

My best to you both.

Donna Ko…

To the law firm:

This message is overdue. This is because it is hard to find the words to express our gratitude for protecting us during the last 3 1/2 years. To say that the entire experience was foreign, stressful, scary and financially devastating would be an understatement. We have never been directly involved in any kind of legal action and so did not know what to expect at any stage of this entire proceeding. We were able to take a great amount of comfort in knowing that you were there, standing in front of us, as a protector. I know from my visit with you that you do this for battered women and I assume all kinds of other legal proceedings. I hope you take immense satisfaction in knowing that you are bettering, and protecting, the lives of people. Anyone can make money. To me, it looks like you are doing well and deserve it. Still to help others is a great service that not many perform. Though it was stressful, I look back fondly at the two days I spent with you. I consider you a unique and talented individual. To have succeeded in two very different careers is quite an accomplishment. As a sales person for many years I have met many people. I count you as one of the most interesting and nicest people I have come across. My wife, Gena, wants me to pass on her gratitude. She saw the stress in me and also took comfort knowing you were helping us. I know that you always have a full case load and need to move on. That said, I hope you will not forget me and count me as a friend as well as a past client. Finding words difficult, let me just close by saying Thank You.

Mike and Gena Da…

Dear Michelle and Law Team

Thank you! Since I hired your firm, I now have a relationship with my daughter. I mean I had three other attorneys who did not care at all. And, it was really something to watch Mr. Goldstein in action at the Depositions. I know that I chose the right legal team to help reunite me with my daughter. Bless you all. Thank you again. Talk to you soon. All the Best,

James Su..

Excellent and professional service from the start.

They are a bit pricy but you get what your money worth. I have experience several road blocks with my case through a lawyer I hired previously. Michelle was able to undo the road blocks and wining my case.

Majed Ba…

I have been a long time client of Mr. Goldstein and I want to start out by saying that I highly respect him.

I came to him initially because my small business needed an attorney, and I needed one fast as I was hitting state regulatory roadblocks. He quickly caught on to the issues that I was having, fixed the issues and I was back up and running my business. He also helped me grow my business. He has filed suit for me against several companies who tried to take advantage of me and he has won each case. I now have successful business because of him. Mr. Goldstein is the best – both he and his law firm – made this happen. He also represented me in my divorce and my ex-wife liked him so much that we had a non-contested divorce and she has used him to draft things that she needs. If you need a good lawyer, contact him and let him represent you. He will take your calls and respond to each of your emails quickly and professionally.

Anthony Jo…

What a great law firm – I agree that you should hire them if you need a good lawyer

I can’t say enough about this firm. The questions asked on Avvo about how I would rate this firm and my answers pretty much say it all. FIVE STARS !!!!! The firm is trustworthy and handled my financial documents with confidentiality. Their entire staff was responsive; all of their attorneys were very knowledgeable; they kept me informed and they won my case. Hire them if you need a good attorney and a great firm. Thank you.

Mike Th…

Super Lawyer Sheldon Goldstein – He is the Best Lawyer – Hire him!!

If you need an attorney who knows the law and who will stand by you, hire Mr. Goldstein. He has passion and the experience it takes to win a case and he has either won or settled all of my cases. I saw he was voted SuperLawyer and I agree, I did read these other reviews and they have nothing to do with Mr. Goldstein’s experience and what he could have done, if the person had paid their bills. The other reviews are about money and not wanting to pay a lawyer for their expertise. All a lawyer has is their time. Mr. Goldstein can charge what ever Mr. Goldstein wants so long as it is reasonable. The rates I pay him are reasonable. If you can’t afford to hire a lawyer who charges an hourly rate, then hire a flat rate attorney. It is your choice. I would highly recommend Mr. Goldstein for any Business, Litigation or Family matter.

Sonia Ba…

US resident at last!

I had seen several attorney’ s before finding Michelle Scopellite, none could help me with my immigration problem I have lived here 30 years but was not eligible for residency due to a miner drug offence when I was 18.

She researched found a way for me to become a legal resident and now I can become a citizen after a three year wait . My husband and I are so thankful that we had her working for us . I would highly recommend her for any immigration matter

Lesley Ma…

Michelle Scopellite is one of the best lawyers that I know, she knows the law, she offers her expertise and she talks to you

Michelle Scopellite got my wife’ adjustment case approved in 3 months from start of filing to conditional card being issued. That is just unheard of. She charges for her time but her time is well worth every penny. If you need an immigration attorney – hire her. Ms. Scopellite is pretty much AWESOME !!!!!!

Mike Lo…

Ms. Scopellite is an excellent attorney and if you have an immigration need – hire her!

Ms. Scopellite is ethical and a good person and she is smart. I can attest that Ms. Scopellite is a good person and she helped my brother and me after two attorneys messed up our cases and we were in removal proceedings. When I first talked to her she pent over 40 minutes on the phone with me and did not charge me. It took me a while to come back to her office as I had to get my finances together to afford her. But I did – over the course of two years she won. She does charge an hourly rate so let her do her job and listen to her. Hope this helps.

Calista So..

Top Rate Attorney – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MS. SCOPELLITE and her firm

I actually had hired four other attorneys previously and they all got me deported. One guy, in court, the Judge told him the law and he didn’t even know it. Ms. Scopellite knows the law and she has no problem standing up for you in court or on appeal. I read that other guys review. What a joke. She does require that you pay your bill. That is one thing they require or they clamp down. I made sure I paid my bill. My case is now reopened and my US wife, who Ms. Scopellite got her I-130 approved, will now be able to have a legal husband who was here illegal for over 20 years due to problems from other attorneys. Thank you Ms. Michelle Scopellite. You are an angel.

Tony Be..