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The Business Litigation attorneys at SGMS Law PLLC, have substantial experience in commercial litigation, business litigation and business law. As experienced trial attorneys and certified mediators, the founders of SGMS Law PLLC, understand the opportunity, cost (financial and otherwise) and protections that need to be in place in order to avoid litigation, the cost of litigation and the effect that litigation can have on business operations, now, and in the future, and the steps to take in order to run a successful business and avoid litigation.

Whenever possible, the business attorneys at SGMS Law PLLC will seek to settle business disputes through negotiation or mediation in order to avoid the costly litigation process. That being said, our experienced litigation attorneys also know that sometimes litigation is necessary, and the only option. For this reason, we thoroughly prepare you and your case so that your arguments and your evidence can be presented to the court or the jury at trial.

The attorneys at SGMS Law PLLC, will analyze your situation; they will research your matter and then advise you as to their legal assessment including whether seeking resolution of your business dispute at trial, is worth the cost and risk. Our Business litigation lawyers will also determine if entering into a settlement attempt during or before trial is in your best interest, and we will vigorously work to pursue a successful outcome of your case so that the outcome protects your business’s interests.

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Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Texas, and Commercial Litigation Lawyers

The attorneys at SGMS Law, PLLC, have a strong record of success in commercial litigation, business litigation and the resolution of business disputes. Our trial attorneys provide effective analytical and litigation support to individuals who represent and own small businesses and large businesses, including representation in the following areas:

  • Commercial contract disputes  We will preserve your business interests in all disputes arising in a commercial relationship governed by contract.
  • Employment issues  Our contract lawyers will prepare contracts, agreements and other legal documents related to employment, including non-compete agreements, covenants not to compete and confidentiality agreements.
  • Business or torts requiring litigation or legal intervention  Our commercial litigation lawyers will protect or defend against wrongful business actions for which legal action may be necessary taken.
  • Fraud – This occurs when Taking legal action is necessary in order to prevent fraud or a deception and to stop unfair or unlawful gain and right a wrong. Fraud can be a civil wrong or a criminal wrong. Defrauding people or organizations of money or valuables is fraud.
  • Unfair competition  When a competitor engages in unfair competition or steals your business legal action may be necessary to regulate the competition
  • Breach of fiduciary duties – This occurs when obligations resulting from a professional relationship have not been met such as the responsibilities of a broker to an investor or a real estate agent to a homebuyer – essentially, when the person who owes a duty and they do not act in the best interests of the beneficiary.
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes – This involves disputes between partners, as well as those brought by shareholders of a corporation, which may include disputes over rights between majority and minority shareholders, or appraisal of value of shares.
  • Business dissolution and windup – When your business entity is coming to an end, dissolution o windup is required in order to tie up all loose ends and financial commitments.
  • Injunctive and other equitable relief – In this regard injunctive relief can be sought to stop a damaging process or act. Injunctive relief can be sought to prevent or stop competitor or third-party’s actions that threaten business operations and equitable relief can be sought to compensate for financial and other damage.
  • Intellectual property disputes – protection or defense of these rights include copyright violations or trademark infringement and protection of trade secrets – Understanding the value and importance of intellectual property is essential to ensure the property of a business is preserved.
  • Theft of trade secrets – Filing suit to protect a trade secret such as a famous recipe or a design or manufacturing process that is stolen by an employee and/or sold to a competitor can result in ceasing and returning the secret and awarding possible restitution.
  • Unfair or deceptive business practices and anti-trust compliance – Business dealing that can negatively impact consumers by making fair competition difficult or impossible require swift action to cease, rectify and award damages against the misrepresentation(s) or deception(s) made.
  • Administrative and regulatory compliance – Ensuring full compliance with all relevant state administrative requirements and regulations relevant to your industry and defending against any suit or violations filed.

Discovery Process

At SGMS Law PLLC our attorneys thoroughly address all pertinent aspects, issues and defenses involved in your legal mater. Discovery will be properly served and updated. Discovery is the process by which attorneys obtain crucial information and evidence from the opposing party. Discovery, including serving written interrogatories or conducting depositions, is often the most important part of the litigation process as it aids in preparation for trial. At SGMS Law PLLC, our experienced trial attorneys have the necessary knowledge and experience to serve and respond to the most complex of discovery served and they know how to obtain the necessary evidence through discovery in order to build a successful case.

Proper Pleadings

In the litigation process it is necessary to draft and file proper petitions, counter petitions, answers, pleadings and motions. Our business trial lawyers are adept in issue spotting, researching issues, drafting appropriate pleadings, and serving new pleadings at strategic points during the trial process in order to facilitate a successful, timely and cost-effective result. We understand that the litigation process involves strategy and knowing proper scheduling by order of the court. Our commercial lawyers and litigation attorneys strive to prevent a loss due to a deadline going past without proper actions taken.

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