When the death of a loved one occurs – and that person had property and they passed away with or without a Will, it’s important to contact a qualified probate attorney or an experienced estate planning lawyer as soon as possible in order to assist you in the closure of the decedents’ estate and in distributing the assets of the estate and in paying debts that are qualified debts of the estate. 

If there is a Will and a party has been appointed as executor/executrix in a Will, and if the court approves that named party as an executor/executrix (or in Arizona as Representative,) that person will still require the assistance of a qualified Probate attorney. And, depending on the size of the estate, a qualified Probate lawyer or an experienced Estate Planning Attorney can help this complicated probate process seem a much easier process.

Further, in Texas, when an estate is closed, the Judge may order a review hearing a year later, but this is not always the case. However in Arizona, when a probate case is completed, a review hearing will be set a year later in so that the court can be apprised of the distribution of the estate, and that hearing is required.

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