Hiring the right team of trial lawyers or litigation attorneys is critical for the success of your litigation case. The team you retain, will be the ones that you rely heavily upon during the upcoming months, and possibly years, depending on the complexity of the case. If you chose the right firm, they will ensure that all your rights are protected and that you do not suffer any undue liabilities. However, they cannot guarantee the outcome of your case but they can help mitigate issues and present evidence in your favor, to get you the best possible outcome. Unfortunately, not all attorneys are created equally. If you are experiencing any of these issues or concerns, it may be time to look onward or seek new counsel.

Lack of Communication

It’s true that your team of trial lawyers have many other clients, but if you do not have an open line of communication with your lawyer, this is a BIG problem. Yes, they will bill you for their time, but if they cannot be reached and you have an issue, what will they do when it comes time to defend you. Lawyers have an ethical responsibility to communicate openly with their clients. If your current attorney does not return phone calls promptly or never offers to meet with you in person, there is a problem.

‘Pitbull’ Approach

While all attorneys can be aggressive if the situation calls for it, some enjoy the fiery approach more than others. Understand that this will often irritate the opposing side and can cause excessive filings and motions and that means additional cost. Some lawyers call this behavior churning the bill. Regardless, it is my opinion that More civil tort cases are won and settled with a harmonious approach.

Makes Decisions Without Your Knowledge

Hiring a group of trial lawyers allows you to relax and understand that some decisions will be made based on your lawyers expertise. However, all major decisions regarding the case should be made by you and your attorney must present those agreements to you. Your attorney cannot decide when to settle a case for example. He is your representative not your decision maker.

Lack of Experience

Even if your attorney assured you he had years of experience, his actions will speak volumes. If he is constantly missing deadlines or filing incomplete or limited motions or pleadings, you need to seek new counsel immediately.

You’re Uncomfortable With the Relationship

Relationships with your trial lawyers are like any other relationships. Some work, while others simply do not. If you are uncomfortable with your litigation team, or their behavior or attitude, you should consider changing attorneys. This team will represent you during complex litigation and it is important that you get along with your legal team including their support staff.  You need to trust them implicitly and therefore working together as a team is important.

The law firm of Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, with its experienced trial and litigation attorneys, has an excellent track-record. The firm, located in Dallas, Texas, was established in 2002; now only takes selected clients.  Contact the firm’s representative at 214-351-9100 for more information. Thank you.

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