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If you want to defend yourself against Child Protective Services (CPS) or the Department of Child Services (DCS) or the Attorney General to regain custody of your children, contact one of our qualified and experienced Dallas Family Law Attorneys, Child Custody Lawyers Dallas or Juvenile Attorneys Dallas, TX, and Dallas CPS Attorneys who know the law and who are experienced in criminal and juvenile defense law, to represent you and advocate to either close the investigation or defend you in court against the Attorney General to return your children to your custody, and the sooner you make that call, the better.

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If you answer YES, to any of these initial Questions:

  • Have you had a visit from CPS to your home?
  • Has CPS interviewed your child?
  • Are you on a CPS Case Plan?
  • Has CPS removed your children from your custody?
  • Has the Attorney General / CPS initiated a dependency proceeding against you taking custody of your children?
  • Are your children living with foster parents or another family member?
  • Has the Attorney General / CPS filed a Petition in Juvenile Court to sever your rights from your children?

Initial Contact from CPS / DCS and Being placed on a CPS Case Plan: Contact our Qualified Juvenile Attorneys Dallas, TX or our Dallas Child Custody Lawyers

If you receive an initial call from CPS or if CPS interviews you regarding allegation of abuse or neglect against your children, or if your children are interviewed at their school or at home, or if CPS advises you that they want to “Interview your Child” or have a “Home Visit, ” contact the qualified Dallas Juvenile Litigation Attorneys at Goldstein & Scopellite, PC for assistance. Our firm’s attorneys’ have many successful years in defending our client’s rights in child custody litigation matters and in defending our client’s rights’ in actions brought by the state to either monitor or remove your children from your custody.

At Goldstein & Scopellite, PC we find that it is better to retain a qualified CPS Defense Attorney before you are facing charges regarding the custody of your children or criminal charges. In fact, if you do not contact an attorney to represent you, you may face having your children removed from your custody immediately, especially if CPS believes that you or someone in your home, has neglected or abused your children to the level for which removal from your custody would be warranted.

CPS’ Custody of your Children / The Attorney General’s Custody of your Children

If CPS believes that abuse or neglect has occurred to your children, the children will legally, either be removed from their parent’s custody and in some cases, both of their parents’ custody, and, if possible, the children will be placed temporarily with a family member while CPS investigates the matter further. If a family member is not available, the children will be placed in an authorized center and/or with a foster family. In the meantime, CPS will have meeting and they will develop a Case Plan to determine if reunification is possible without court intervention. This is why you need to retain the Dallas qualified juvenile attorneys at Goldstein & Scopellite, PC to assist you. CPS may leave the children with the parent(s) in an unsupervised state or a “supervised” state, meaning that another person will need to be around the parent at all times when that parent is near their children and until the matter is resolved.

The firm’s Juvenile Attorneys Dallas, TX will work with CPS to provide evidence and support to prove that the level of alleged abuse or neglect does not rise to the level of continuing to remove the children from their parent’s custody or in removing them at all or under “supervised” conditions. However, if in CPS’s opinion, their Case Plan is not being adhered to by the parent(s), CPS can remove the children from the parent’s physical custody and initiate dependency proceedings in the juvenile court through the Attorney General to take legal custody of your children from their parent(s). If this occurs, CPS will then monitor the parent through the court and there will be hearings held to determine if the children will be reunified and returned to their parent(s)’ custody, over time. If you have had contact with CPS or the Attorney General regarding the custody of your children, contact the experienced CPS Defense Attorneys Dallas and Child Custody Lawyers in Dallas at Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, for their expertise and help.

Dependency Proceedings in Juvenile Court and later, Severance Proceedings

If juvenile court proceedings for dependency have been initiated against you by the Attorney General, you will be served with a Petition alleging abuse and/or neglect of your children and why and you will be appointed a court appointed attorney to defend you in court against the allegations made in the Petition by the Attorney General and their client, CPS. The juvenile court must review the cases of all children placed in foster or relative care at least once every six months. At the first review hearing, information is given as to the parent’s progress with their reunification plan and Case Plan and on how the child is doing in foster care or with the placement family.

These court appointed attorneys are there to assist you in your defense against the state’s allegations. Your children will be appointed an ad litem as their attorney representative and the ad litem is not always on the side of the parent(s) to return the children to the parent’s custody.

However, If your court appointed lawyer is not meeting your needs, it is our experience that retaining qualified counsel on your own, would be in your best interest, such as the qualified and experienced Dependency Defense Attorneys Dallas at Goldstein & Scopellite, PC who will represent you in Juvenile court and work diligently with you to ensure your goals are met and that you regain custody of your children, which if court state proceedings have been initiated against you, will NOT be an easy task to accomplish.

Further, litigating your case against the Attorney General to regain custody of your children is not going to be an inexpensive process, especially if the state has evidence against you to prove that previous abuse or neglect. The privately retained Dallas Juvenile Attorneys at Goldstein & Scopellite, PC will work diligently so that reunification with your children is accomplished. YOU will also need to stay clean, stay credible with the court and follow and comply with the Case Plan in order to assist the attorney representing you in that reunification process.

In many cases where the parent(s) in proceedings do not follow the case plan or the requirements of the court, the Attorney General will make placement (with the foster family or other family member) permanent and in some cases, move to sever your rights with your children and initiate severance proceedings against you (and possibly the other parent’s rights as well) in court.

Why the Court Appoints the Parents’ an Attorney in Juvenile Proceedings

The reason the juvenile court will appoint the parent(s) an attorney to represent you in a dependency matter or a severance matter is because these matters are quasi-criminal in nature, in that the state is alleging that you have abused or neglected your children, and the consequences are serious, meaning that you could loose permanent custody of your children, and in some cases, criminal charges can be filed against the parent that allegedly abused, neglected and/or injured their children. In some cases, rights to your children can also be terminated. If the court appoints you an attorney in these proceedings, you do not need to continue to use that attorney, you can retain private counsel, such as the Child Custody Attorneys Dallas, TX at the law firm of Goldstein & Scopellite, PC and have them file to substitute in on your matter.

Our firm can also be retained as counsel for a family member wishing to intervene in the juvenile dependency or severance court proceedings.

Therefore, if you are facing neglect or abuse allegations before CPS or if charges are being alleged against you by the state’s attorney general in juvenile court or if the state prosecutor is charging you with abuse or neglect or injury of your child in state court, contact the qualified Dallas Family Law Lawyers, Child Custody Attorneys in Dallas, TX and Juvenile Defense Attorneys in Dallas at Goldstein & Scopellite, PC who know Juvenile law and who will work diligently to represent you and protect your interests and your rights against CPS and so that your life with your children can continue on a normal path and your children will be returned to your custody.

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